Trade Copyright Centre 2011 (TCC 2011)

TCC 2011 is a copyrights trade fair for the ASEAN region. It is one of the key event under the KL International Book Fair (KLIBF), which is the largest consumer oriented book fair in Malaysia.

TCC 2011 will run for 4 days – from Wednesday, 20th to Saturday, 23rd of April 2011. It will open its door 2 days earlier than the KL International Book Fair.

TCC 2011 will take place at level 5, Putra World Trade Centre. The whole level 5 will be use for the trade fair. There will be amenities like lounge, wifi, secretariat personals to help the participants and trade visitors.

The TCC is designed to be;

a) compact – Open for 4 days,
b) focused – It starts 2 days earlier than the consumer fair, to give chance to the publishers to focus on business to business meeting.
c) relevant – invitation goes out to publishers, literary agents, and trade visitor.
d) economical – booth rental is USD500 and table rental is USD100.
e) small – promotes personal contacts between participants.

We would like to invite publishers/literary agents to attend TCC 2011 to;

a) selling translation rights to ASEAN market, in various regional languages like Indonesian, Thai, Malay, English, Vietnam, Chinese, Tagalog and also selling translation rights based on country.
b) buying suitable and potential translation rights from ASEAN based publishers and agencies.
c) to get to know, and make personal contact with the publishing executives from the ASEAN region.
d) to learn and study first hand the potential for rights selling in the region.

You can participate by;

a) Buying a 2 x 2 meter booth for USD 500. This is suitable for publishers with a good number of title to show. You will get a book shelf, a table, 4 chairs.
b) Buying a 1 x 2 meter table for USD 100. This is suitable especially for rights and literary agent.
c) Coming in as trade visitors to meet the participants.

Participants will be able to visit the consumer fair when KLIBF opens to public on Friday, 22th April, and attend the general opening of the fair on Saturday, 23th April.

You can find out more about the fair by contacting Malaysian Book Publisher Association (MABOPA) office :

Mrs Irdahwati, Executive Secretary, MABOPA.
Phone : +0378805840 (office) or +60123163236 (mobile)
Email :

Mr Arief Hakim Sani, Chairman, TCC 2011 Project.
Phone : +0361880316 (office) or +60166611435 (mobile)
Email :

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