Executive Committee 2023/2025

Sitting (from left): Fatin Syamimy Liana Badaruddin, Sum Lih Kang, Sheikh Faisal Sheikh Mansor, Che Mazlan Saad, Raymond Yeo Chin Hean
Standing (from left): Ahmad Hussain Thajudeen, Lew Yok Long, Izzat Izhar Muhammad Nasir, Syazrul Aqram Iman Sulaiman, S. Sivabalan, Carol Wong, Ainunl Muaiyanah binti Muhammad Sulaiman, Khor Shuqi

Sheikh Faisal Sheikh Mansor (Shake Book Projects Sdn Bhd)

Deputy President
Che Mazlan Saad (Al-Ameen Serve Holding Sdn Bhd)

Vice Presidents
Raymond Yeo Chin Hean (Kualiti Books Sdn Bhd)
S. Sivabalan (UMA Publications)

Honorary Secretary
Syazrul Aqram Iman Sulaiman (Patriot Publishing Sdn Bhd)

Honorary Treasurer
Sum Lih Kang (Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn Bhd)

Fatin Syamimy Liana Badaruddin (Iman Publications)
Ahmad Hussain Thajudeen (MDC Publishers Sdn Bhd)
Izzat Izhar Muhammad Nasir (Grup Buku Karangkraf Sdn Bhd)
Khor Shuqi (Odonata Publishing Sdn Bhd)
Carol Wong Yoke Pei (Sunway University Sdn Bhd)
Lew Yok Long (The Malaya Press Sdn Bhd)
Ainunl Muaiyanah binti Muhammad Sulaiman (IBDE Ilham Sdn Bhd)


  1. To encourage the widest possible spread of publications.
  2. To foster the development of the publishing industry in Malaysia.
  3. To promote, preserve and propagate Malaysia’s heritage and cultural diversity through publications.
  4. To encourage Malaysian authorship.
  5. To encourage the improvement of the technical and professional qualifications of members of the Association.
  6. To promote and protect by all lawful means the principles of copyright and to defend copyright against all infringements which may restrict the rights of copyright owner.
  7. To promote and protect by all lawful means the mutual interests of the members of the Association.
  8. To examine all legislative proposals likely to affect the publishing industry and to support, oppose or secure amendments, as may be expedient.
  9. To study and resolve problems related to the publishing industry.
  10. To encourage fair trade practices and maintain high standards of workmanship and service in the publishing industry.
  11. To cooperate with other associations, organizations and bodies in their effort to promote reading and the publishing industry.
  12. To purchase, take on lease or rent premises for use of the Association in line with its objectives.
  13. To organize or participate in book fairs, conventions, seminars and other such functions pertaining to the publishing industry. Subject to the condition prior approved be obtained from the other relevent authorities.
  14. To establish, own and manage companies pertaining to the development of publishing industry which would be of benefit to the Association. All profits derived shall be used to promote the objectives of the Association.
  15. To participate in business activities with prior approval of General Meeting and relevant authorities. All monies and profits accruing to the Association from participation in any business shall be applied solely towards the furtherance, promotion and execution of the objects of the Association and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend, bonus or profit to any member of the Association, provided that nothing herein expressed or contained shall prevent the payment in good faith or remuneration or expenses or both to any officer or servant of the Association, or to any member of the Association, or other person or persons for services actually rendered by him or them to the Association.


  1. To establish a common code of Ethics for all publishers so that the interest of the trade are protected;
  2. To provide guidelines to publishers in maintaining a high standard of morality conforming to the government policy of a healthy reading society; 
  3. To safeguard against unfair practices and maintain a high standard of workmanship and service in order to develop a healthy publishing industry; 
  4. To promote and protect by all lawful means the interest of all publishers; 
  5. To recognize the individual publisher’s interest within the publishing industry; 
  6. To develop mutual respect and cooperation among publishers; 
  7. To improve the technical and educational qualifications of publishers and their staff and to initiate research into the resolution of problems affecting the production and distribution of books; 
  8. To assist in the efforts towards expanding the quantity, range and quality of reading materials throughout the country; 
  9. To cooperate with the government and other organizations in promoting Malaysia literary and academic work; 
  10. To explore the various means by which book publishers can contribute towards fostering national consciousness through their activities. 


Although it is not possible to have standards covering fully all aspects of publishing practices, it is necessary that all practices be conducted in accordance with basic principles as follows: Publishers should maintain the highest degree of responsibility and ethical standards in all their dealings Publishers should conform to the principle of fair competition. Publishers ought to adopt a positive attitude with regards to the rights of readers and customers.

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